Party Crews: The Untold Story - A New Podcast from VICE

For many Latinx kids in the ‘00s, the party crew scene was a safe space to express themselves as they came of age in the grit and glitter of Los Angeles. A space to make friends, forget about your problems and dance

the night away. But the scene wasn’t always physically safe. There were shootings and police raids. Many adults saw the scene as gang-adjacent and the media fueled negative stereotypes of kids who were out of control. One of the teens who got caught in that narrative was Emmery Muñoz, after she was murdered in 2006.

In a new VICE series – Party Crews: The Untold Story, host Janice Llamoca goes on a Y2K-filled journey back in time to her own party crew days to find out what this scene meant for teens like her and Emmery, and why – to this day – Emmery’s case remains unsolved. From VICE and LAist Studios as part of the My Cultura Podcast Network. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.  

Party Crews: The Untold Story is written, reported and hosted by Janice Llamoca, and produced and reported by Sophia Paliza-Carre, Victoria Alejandro and Kyle Chang. Edited by Antonia Cereijido. Additional editing by Annie Aviles. Fact-checking by Nidia Bautista.

Sound design and original music composition by Kyle Murdock. Art by Julie Ruiz and Victoire Coyon.

Our Executive Producer from VICE Audio is Kate Osborn. Our Executive Producers from LAist Studios are Antonia Cereijido and Leo G. Vice President of Podcasts from LAist Studios is Shana Naomi Krochmal.

Janet Lee is Senior Production Manager for VICE Audio. Charles Raggio is the head of VICE Audio.

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