Motherboard Money: A New Podcast from VICE

When it comes to the AI revolution, you’ll hear a lot of fear around the robots taking our jobs. In this episode of Vice News Reports, we’re airing a new show called Motherboard Money where editor-in-chief Jason Koebler and senior reporter Maxwell Strachan talk about how ‘overemployed’ workers  are using artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT to juggle  multiple, full-time, salaried jobs and rake in the cash.

Motherboard Money is hosted by Jason Koebler. It’s produced by Sophie Kazis, Sheena Ozaki, and Julia Nutter, and edited by Ashley Cleek. Fact checking by Sophie Hurwitz.

Music and sound design by Pran Bandi.

Emanuel Maiberg is Motherboard’s executive editor. Janet Lee is senior production manager for VICE Audio. Charles Raggio is the head of VICE Audio.

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