RRP: "To Beale or not to Beale" - Sunderland AFC 3-1 Plymouth Reaction & Huddersfield Preview!

Editor's note: Gav has taken my recent illness badly, I fear for my life. If something happens to me it was Gavin Henderson aye.

The lads got together to chat all things Sunlun after a lovely win over Plymouth at the Stadium of Light on Saturday, as well as to answer a few listener questions and look ahead to a busy week as Michael Beale tries to fix our away form against both Huddersfield and a certain Birmingham City at the weekend! 

What's the crack? 

  • The lads reflect on a nice performance against Plymouth, specifically in the second half...

  • Is Jack Clarke the greatest winger in the world? Probably not, but he's getting there. 

  • Ekwah, Jobe and Jack all scored some lovely goals, but who scored the loveliest? 

  • Have recent performances and tactical decisions helped Michael Beale enough to ease some of the pressure he was under? Can he address our issues away from home this season? 

  • What positive changes have we seen now our head coach has had time to settle? How has he got more from Clarke than Mowbray was getting towards the end of his time at the club? 

  • How are we feeling ahead of Huddersfield Town on Wednesday night? Is this another must win or would Gav take a point if it meant we had the better performance at the weekend against Mogga? 

  • Martin convinces Gav to get a few more of your questions in than we can manage! 

  • All this and more! Ha'way little Poppy 💙

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