RRP: "More mass debating with friends" - A bumper listener Q&A session chatting all things Sunderland AFC!

So yesterday our Gavin spammed all your social media feeds asking for questions the lads can get themselves in trouble answering and you didn't disappoint. Listen in as they try to cover off as many of your talking points as possible! 

What's the crack? 

  • First threesome in a little while, they've not forgotten how it all works though. Aye.

  • The transfer window; Covering everything from outgoings to Greece, new signing Leo Hjelde, the seemingly endless Amad Diallo saga and more! 

  • Questions about the BealeOut hashtag trend and possibly taking things a bit far; Does anyone have an answer for why some people hate him so very much? The lads try to work it out and reiterate their feelings on the matter. 

  • The RAWA meeting with the club, how the lads feel about things off the pitch generally and the brilliance of the wonderful Malcolm Bramley. 

  • The Ownership; Does Chris like Kyril? Does Martin like Juan? Is Gav using Maurice like a sock puppet or is it his turn for the Wee Phillie treatment? 

  • How do the lads feel about where the club is right now and how do they feel going forward? 

  • So many questions, so little time. There's just so much going on aye. If we didn't get to yours this time, apologies. Send any abuse about anything you may have heard on this episode to Gavspersonalemail@itwasntme.co.uk

  • Thanks for listening and ha'way the lads! 

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