RRP: "The Departed" - Reaction to Michael Beale 'parting ways' with Sunderland AFC and a return to DoddsBall!!

Aye there'll be more from us on this in the near future - specifically burner related - but Gav and Chris sat down to give their initial thoughts on the short tenure of Michael Beale coming to an end at SAFC and the appointment of Doddsy as caretaker coach for the rest of the season! 

What's the crack? 

  • Beale gets his name in the Sunlun record books; 

  • How are the lads feeling after hearing the news and processing it a little? 

  • A bit of a vague statement from the club about Beale's departure; what do they make of it all? 

  • Should the club consider fan reaction to an appointment? Can Beale be blamed for that initial backlash? Did it help the situation? 

  • The lads feel a bit relieved but not so much over the footy... was that all a massive waste of time? 

  • All aboard for DoddsBall 3.0 as the club leaves footballing matters in Mike Dodd's hands for the foreseeable; at least we know the lads will play for him aye? 

  • All this and more! What a club man.

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