RRP: THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY; An SAFC w*nkathon - Sickeningly positive reaction to QPR 0-3 Sunderland!

Our Gav Henderson and Martin Wanless sat down this morning to drool over the Sunlun performance against QPR last night, and generally get all worked up over just how f***ing mint we are! 

What's the crack? 

  • Poor Will Ferrell. Heard he's gone the way of the ancient samurai, who when dishonoured, would hang themselves from a fluorescent light. 

How class are we man? 

  • So are the lads still buzzing from last night? Yes they are…

Seriously how good are we? 

  • LUKE 'MR SUNDERLAND' O'NIEN - You know what lads and lasses, he might just be a midfielder after all. 

We are f***ing mint man. 

  • JACK THE LAD - You can write him off, you can dismiss him, and you can take him on loan and do f*** all with him (like our opponents) but he showed his class yet again with a glorious brace against his former side. 

Ah man we're just too good.

  • Tony Mowbray is a tactical genius - Aye we're serious he is. 


  • PATTO LAD - What a penalty save that was, the lads heap praise on our young England International keeper! 

We're really quite decent in fairness aye.

  • All this and more! Ha'way the Lads!

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