RRP: "Cockney Revels" - Reaction to Sunderland 3-1 Stoke City & everything else SAFC!

The lads got together to chew the fat about our win against Stoke on Saturday and all the mayhem surrounding the club as we approach the end of the January window! Apples, pears, Pritchards and cockney stuff. Bosh.

What's the crack? 

WE WON. Doesn't that feel a bit better? 

Well played Mason; Young Burstow had one of his best performances, if not the best so far, in a Sunderland shirt. Congratulations to the lad for getting his first goal for the club! 

Alex Pritchard apparently plain refused to pull on his shirt this weekend. The lads debate how reasonable this is given his seniority and responsibilities and judge the fan reaction they've seen so far to the news. 

ABDOULLAH! The lad comes good again! 

Take a bow; Pierre Ekwah found the net again also! 

What did we make of the performance overall - does it look like we're starting to see any significant changes? 

How are Gav and Martin (who had no strong feelings on Michael Beale's arrival) feeling about the microanalysis of pressers and interviews; Beale got in trouble for calling out personal insults (when asked about them) and got himself in more bother trying to explain what he meant. Could he have handled that a bit better? Did the following wave of clickbait bullshit from impossible to navigate sites built by Satan's minions help matters? 

Would the Alex Neil approach to journalists work better for him or should he ask the group what their favourite chocolates are? 

RAWA meeting minutes and Speakman speaks; so did we learn anything new? 

How we feeling about the approaching end of the window? Nervous? Relaxed? Wanting a signing or three? 

All this and more! Ha'way the Lads!

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