RRP: A Luke O'Nien Lovefest - The Shrewsbury 1-2 Sunderland FA Cup review!

Sorry about the delay lads and lasses, bit of a situation developed, but Pod was kept intact for the mag craic and more!

Gav and Chris got together shortly after the match to get all hot and sweaty lusting over replays of Luke O'Nien's late winner over Shrewsbury in the cup, as well as Sunderland finally scoring from a corner!

What's the crack?

Gav and Chris spend a good while debating the finer details of that performance; who stood out, what went wrong in the first half, was that Roberts penalty shout a penalty or not? 

Young Master Rigg; Breaking the record for the youngest ever outfield player to play for Sunderland isn't for everyone…

Trai Hume gets yet more love; he's just class isn't he? 

Rossco comes on to save our blushes; 

The comeback; If you want to come from a goal down away at Shrewsbury who of all people do you want to drive the winner home? 

LUKE O'NIEN WE LOVE YOU - The lads go on (and on and on) about how much Mr Sunderland means to both them and the side. Enjoy.

Do we think the Jay Matete move to Plymouth was a good idea?

This was recorded during the mag game where they were turned over by League One outfit Sheffield Wednesday - and the lads didn't know the result - but Chris made a bold and pretty accurate prediction aye..

All this and more Luke O'Nien love!

Ha'way the Lads!

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