ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Running down the transfer window w/ Sunderland AFC owner Stewart Donald!

Joining us for another special episode of the Roker Rapport Podcast, now that the January transfer window has slammed firmly shut, is Sunderland AFC owner Stewart Donald! You can listen for free on Acast, iTunes, Spotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

What are we talking about this week?

  • Stewart tells us all about Deadline Day, how the Grigg deal finally came good, and just how stressful it all was.. (Can't wait for that episode of STID on Netflix)
  • An in depth discussion about the Maja situation, and his thoughts on this kind of thing looking forward;
  • The highs and lows of the Transfer window from Stewart's perspective; Many twitter notifications?
  • Money talks; The chairman responds to claims we don't have the money to spend!
  • Contracts, Fees, New Lads, Fan tweets, RTG threads, and all the trappings of club ownership;
  • Doing the right thing for the club and the fans; The Don takes his responsibilities seriously!

This, and loads more. Subscribe, tune in and enjoy the show!

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