ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: A game of three thirds - quick reaction (almost) to Shrewsbury 1-1 Sunderland!

Our Chris was joined immediately after the match (aye there was a funny mix up we only resolved earlier today) by Malc and Bomber to go over how exactly we managed to avoid a win, and to try slip a few clichés in while they were at it.

What's the crack?

  • A promising first half performance from the Lads was welcomed, as was that great goal from Pritchard... So what went wrong with that second half against 10 men?

  • Would we be less disappointed if the performance had been more consistent and we still failed to get the winner?

  • How are/were the lads feeling about getting 4 points from the 6 available - any sign of panic yet?

  • Was that a red card?

  • How did they expect the reaction to the result to play out on the socials, and were they right?

  • Any positives to take from that at all? 

All this and more! Listen in! #SAFC #EFL #LeagueOne


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