Maggi's Mary Wollstonecraft, Princess Diana and A Plunge Into The Christmas Ads

Brace yourself: Emily in Paris is back for a second series. More importantly: the Christmas ads have dropped! We discuss some of them, and why a great Christmas ad doesn't actually.... have to have anything to do with Christmas.

Also today, we discuss Maggi Hambling's controversial nude statue of founding feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, Rupert Everett's new autobiography, a documentary about Vivienne Westwood and the punk movement, and we deep dive into the Princess Diana content of the last week: the two-parter on ITV, with staggering allegations made against Martin Bashir, and the new series of The Crown, starring the magnificent Emma Corrin as Diana. 


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How long Covid forced me to confront my past and my identity, by Kathryn Bromwich for The Guardian

Vivienne Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist 

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