Pandemic friendships, and how to mend a broken heart

This year has seen even our closest friendships turn into long-distance ones; what is the impact - and the thought spirals - of your A-list friends becoming peripheral specks in your vision? We discuss, with a funny and thought-provoking piece by Katie Heaney for The Cut. Also today, we natter about how to mend a broken heart, and the evolving nature of romantic relationships, with a special reading from the author Nick Hornby.



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Are All My Friends Mad At Me? By Katie Heaney, for The Cut

High Fidelity, by Nick Hornby

Schitt's Creek, on Netflix

Guys We Fucked - Heartbreak Is Universal? with Guy Winch

The Psychology of Friendship, by Mahzad Hojjit

Us, on BBC iPlayer

Safe Spaces for Black Women, created by Leyla Hussein

Dawn French's Desert Island Discs, 2012 on Radio 4

The Wife, by Meg Wolitzer

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