Debunking Wellness Myths with Is Butter A Carb? Authors, Rosie Saunt & Helen West

We're recording this in advance, so no news update this week but a bunch of reccs and an author special!

Do you swear by your daily turmeric latte? Are you a celery juice fanatic? From placenta pills to kombucha, the registered dietitians, co-founders of The Rooted Project and authors of Is Butter A Carb? Unpicking Fact From Fiction In The World Of Nutrition, Rosie Saunt and Helen West, take us through the myths, fads and where the *actual* science can be found in our wellness crisis.

We talk about body positivity, veganism, food shame, the privilege of wellness and - hardest of all - what constitutes a healthy diet? This is a must-read book that will change the way you think about food, diet, health and happiness. You can follow @rooted_project on Instagram and Twitter.


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