*EPISODE 100* Why Do Brits Hate Other Brits Abroad? & The Influencer Engagement #Sponcon Furore

‘Twas the week of Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’ sofa row, the ‘tube pusher’ is charged with attempted murder and the president of Colombia warns against the hypocrisy of the “woke who do coke”. Dolly’s obsessed with Pink Gin Lady - her new summer meme - and Pandora’s perturbed by Charmin’s industrial-sized ‘Forever Roll’ for millennials (do we hate shopping for basic sanitation? Or do we just shit more?) 

In this week’s ep we discuss the #sponcon leak that blew up the internet - after the ‘pitch deck’ for New York influencer and Goop Partnership Director, Marissa Casey Fuchs, was leaked to The Atlantic. Does she deserve the white hot wrath of the Internet? And what does this incident tell us about the celebrification of everyone, schadenfreude and our consumer obsession with free shit? 

Also today, a new survey has revealed that 72% of Brits ‘recoil’ when they hear another Brit abroad. NB: if we hear you on our holiday, we *will* hide behind a pot plant.

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