Miranda Keeling: The surprising power of stopping to notice

British writer, TV, stage, and voice-over actress, Miranda Keeling has done a remarkable thing. By stopping to notice all sorts of things: amazing moments that happen around all of us every day, she's started a conversation about presence. About how, if we all observe each other a bit more in day-to-day life, we can have a remarkable impact on our capacity for empathy, our ability to connect, and our appreciation of the world around us. It's so simple yet so profound.
Her brand new book The Year I Stopped to Notice was published by Icon Books on March 17th, 2022. Her work has been published in 100 Voices by Unbound, METRO, Waltham Forest Echo, Positive News, The Scotsman, Reader's Digest, short story, 'Alouette" in Gains and Losses by Barbican Press, miniature play ‘Bulldog’ for Uncommon Nonsense, Royal Court, 'Panphobia' at Stratford Circus Theatre, 'The Carbon Footprint Detective Agency' at the Arcola.
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