Katie Colombus: How to really listen

In this podcast episode, author and poet Katie Colombus speaks to the Tenderness Revolution about the art of truly listening and her volunteer work with the U.K.-based charity, the Samartians.

"Listening helps us be there for others, to support them in tough times, and to strengthen our relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues. From opening up a conversation with someone who might be struggling, to how to use gentle encouragement to help others share their stories, How to Listen demonstrates the power of listening without judgement and draws on the extensive experience of Samaritans in offering practical advice to apply to your own life," according to her book description. Her book contains useful tips from trained Samaritans on how to talk and address the emotions that are deep down within us.

Read more about her book here.

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The show's launch co-creator and producer Aisha Chowdhry edited and produced this episode.

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