Allie Bailey: We are capable of so much more than we think

Allie Bailey is a British ultra-marathon runner. She has been hailed as an "inspirational female adventurer" by the Guardian newspaper. Whether she is running across Lake Khovsgol in Mongolia, crossing the Namib Desert, running the full length of the Panama Canal, or crossing Scotland on Packraft and foot, she is always doing something remarkable. She is also the founder of Ultra Awesome, co-presenter for the Bad Boy Running Podcast, and Ambassador and presenter for The National Running Show. She is also a sponsored athlete for Beta Running (Injini, Ultimate Direction, and Katoola) and 2XU.

Allie puts it best on her website, "Ultimately the thing I am most proud of is inspiring other people to get out and discover how brilliant they can be and how brilliant the world around them is. I’m not superwoman or a professional athlete. I’m someone that has struggled to find where they fit and that suffers (like a lot of people) with depressive demons, anxiety and existential misery. That fades when I am out doing what I do best with people that I can see are changing their lives. That is so, so special. And I am so lucky to be able to do it for a living."

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