VMware: Unlocking Human Potential With AI

Laura Heisman, VMware’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer , and Michelle Labbe, Toptal’s Chief People Officer, met at Collision 2023 in Toronto to discuss VMware’s core principles and the latest developments in AI and the tech industry.

VMware is a leading software company that specializes in virtualization and cloud computing solutions. With a keen eye on innovation, VMware has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations worldwide.

As one of its leading lights, Laura Heisman has played a pivotal role in shaping VMware’s marketing vision and driving impactful initiatives. Heisman is a highly accomplished technology executive with more than three decades of experience in marketing and communications. Her leadership philosophy revolves around communicating effectively, unlocking human potential through generative AI, and fostering community. Heisman’s dynamism and commitment to innovation continue to shape VMware and drive its success in the tech landscape.

Some Questions Asked: 
  • Should humans fear AI replacing jobs? 
  • How do Heisman’s three core principles of communication, human potential, and community tie into VMware's overall strategy?
  • How does VMware create and foster a sense of community?

In this Episode You Will Learn: 
  • How AI is an accelerant of human potential.
  • Why companies such as VMware should focus on building communities rather than just marketing to developers. 
  • How job roles will adapt as AI continues its rapid progression.


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