Vimeo: Leading With Intention

Vimeo, a video-sharing website that allows members to view, upload, and share videos, was a top competitor to YouTube when it launched in 2004. But in 2017, Vimeo saw an opening to pivot to a software as a service company, offering tools for independent creators to produce, upload, and share their own content. In May of 2021, Vimeo went public and soon afterwards, Crystal Boysen joined the company as Chief People Officer. 

In her role, Boysen has led various initiatives aimed at cultivating an engaged, diverse, and inclusive culture at Vimeo. 

In addition to sharing her career story, Crystal Boysen offered her HR philosophy, as well as her perspective on leading in a hybrid environment, crafting meaningful benefit packages, and more. 

Some Questions Asked:

  • Why does the quote “you don’t build a business, you build people and the people build the business” resonate with you? 5:37
  • What is Vimeo doing to assure DE&I? 12:35
  • What trends do you see emerging amid the current economic slowdown? 16:20

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Vimeo’s employee donation matching program 
  • How Vimeo builds talent from within 
  • Why Vimeo gives equity stakes to their employees 


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