Standard AI: Amplifying the Retail Experience

Jordan Fisher, founder and CEO of Standard AI, joined Michelle Labbe, Toptal’s Chief People Officer, at Collision in Toronto on The Talent Economy podcast. Fisher discussed the company’s groundbreaking “checkout-free” shopping solution and other achievements of Standard AI. 

With a diverse background spanning computational fluid dynamics, securities regulations, video games, machine learning, and retail, Fisher has dedicated his career to product research and development. Standard AI has reached many significant milestones under his leadership as the field of artificial intelligence becomes increasingly competitive.

With Standard AI, customers no longer need to scan their items or pay at a kiosk. Instead, they simply scan their phones at the exit and a series of AI-powered cameras generate a receipt based on the items that customers picked up.

Utilizing its next-generation technology, Standard AI aims to continue augmenting human interactions within physical spaces while providing tailored product experiences. Its approach has the potential to revolutionize retail and expand to other industries.

Some Questions Asked: 
  • Why is it important for entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to attend tech conferences?
  • How does Standard AI define its vision, and what are the company’s next goals?
  • What does the future of retail look like from Standard AI’s perspective?

In This Episode You Will Learn: 
  • How society has shifted from “humans adapting to technology” to “technology adapting to humans.”
  • Why “data is dead.”
  • How AI opens up possibilities for new experiences in brick-and-mortar stores. 


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