What Motivates Success? Lessons From An Insider

Author and motivator Richard Sutton talks about his experiences working with some of the world's best tennis players and within the Chinese Olympic structure. Sutton's unique insight makes for a fascinating discussion on what really motivates success and how it plays out at the top level of sport. Sutton recently released his third book 'Thrive: The Power of Resilience" where he draws on his experience to empower individual and business leaders.


Caught My Eye

Kara Goucher's tweet about Brody Buffington's banning for over-celebration

Article on Camille Herron's long run views, with some really interesting discussion on bone stress in response to training, as submitted by Patron Edward Price

Article mentioning Eilish McColgan’s rebound hypoglycaemia, submitted by Julia Littlefair and hopefully a topic for future exploration

Story on South African women's cricket player being left out of national team after failing fitness test, sent in by Graeme Smith as a Caught my Eye Topic.

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