DISCOURSE: Enhanced Games: Hype Or Reality? / 15-Year-old's Doping Saga / Is Rugby Too Dangerous For U18s?

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The Valieva doping story - now banned for four years. Sean Ingle wrote the story that summarises the case HERE

After we discussed the case on the show, the full decision was published, which revealed that Valieva’s team had blamed a contaminated strawberry cake for the test. We’ll touch on this in our next show. READ MORE

The full decision in the case of Michael Saruni, now banned after trying to send a friend to provide a doping test

An update on the Enhanced Games, which, as you’ll hear on the pod, Mike thinks is complete “bollocks”

The documentary about rugby’s referees at the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Well worth a watch.

Track and field will soon join the docuseries trend

Sean Ingle’s article on rugby risks in children, including mention of the call to ban tackling and rugby in Under 18s, and the mixing of age grades

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