Make Your Own Sports Drink / Smart Mouthguards in Rugby / Do We Need On-Field Match Officials in Sport?

Can you make your own sports drink and what would be the right mix? Here's what to look for. The team also tackles (see what we did there!) the use of smart mouthguards in rugby, whether trail star Stian Angermund was really guilty of doping, why parkrun has removed some of its records from its website and if the controversial Enhanced Games has any chance of succeeding.


Stian Angermund Doping Case

Reigning world short-course trail running champion Stian Angermund says he is innocent and “utterly bewildered” after testing positive for banned substance chlorthalidone after winning the 55km OCC event at the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc for the second time last year.

Also the Quartz WADA crossover

James Magnussen and the enhanced games

Parkrun removes records

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