VO2Max: Why It May Be Your Most Important Training Metric

Knowing how to measure and train close to your VO2Max may lead to big performance gains. But what is VO2Max and what's the best way to use it? We also discuss the latest developments around rugby's smart mouthguard and the announcement by World Athletics that they are trialling a new way of measuring the long jump which involves a take-off zone rather than a take-off mark. And no, it's not an April Fools joke!


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The IFSC Policy on RED-S

Article on that RED-S policy, including athlete interviews

The Long Jump article re changing of the laws

The BBC article on the mouthguards in rugby. Full of holes and errors, a bit of misunderstanding, and some outright dishonesty, which we tried to explain and address in the show

The paper on the sub-2 hour marathon physiology that shows how those elite runners can get to 90% of VO2max for two hours

A more lay explanation of the 2 hour marathon, again discussing how close to max elites can run

Paper on how different durations of interval training affect Power, HR and RPE, which may be useful to guide your choice of interval session structure

The research study that shows how 8 min blocks at close to VO2max improves VO2max and performance, and that the more time you spend close to VO2max, the greater the benefit

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