Patrons Q&A: Heart Rate Zones Explained / The Best Stance For Recovery / TUE's in Pro Sport And More!

From understanding heart rate zones to the best stance for recovery, the use of TUE's in sport after the Rafael Nadal-Thibaut Pinot controversy and how heat training affects haemoglobin production in training. Plus much more. We answer the most intriguing questions from our Patron supporters.

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The podcast we did on the DSDs

A clear and concise explanation of the three-zone system of moderate, heavy and severe exercise to guide your zone training:

The article showing that hands-on-knees beats hands-on-head for heart rate recovery and breathing:

The article showing how training easy in the heat increases haemoglobin mass, even in elite cyclists: 

British Fell runner survives a body temperature of 18.8C:

Article on the UCI change to, among other things, gear ratio rulings for youth cycling: 

The comments of Pinot and Martin about Nadal:

A paper by a sports ethics expert describing the TUE dilemma in sport:

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