Heart Rate And Exercise: Why HR Variability May Be The New Frontier

How does exercise affect heart rate (HR)? The team discuss everything from HR drift and fatigue to a special interview with Heart Rate Variability (HRV) expert Marco Altini. We break down why HRV may be the best way to measure physiological and psychological stress and why it's opening up a new way of heart rate monitoring.


Caught my eye:

The UCI Policy on covid: https://assets.ctfassets.net/761l7gh5x5an/6J9stmEo2OIrC7tr8VqU2f/e471f21f58c91254b070daf24c3290cf/2022.06.27_COVID_Protocol_Road_ENG.pdf

The article by Alan Abrahamson on Shelby Houlihan and US attitudes to doping: https://www.3wiresports.com/articles/2022/7/29/americans-insist-they-care-about-doping-in-sports-and-then-theres-shelby-houlihan

Mathieu van der Poel on altitude and his TDF struggles: https://www.stickybottle.com/latest-news/van-der-poel-suspects-altitude-training-to-blame-for-tour-slump/

News of a change in the RFU’s policy on trans players: https://www.englandrugby.com/news/article/rfu-council-votes-in-favour-of-change-to-gender-participation-policy

Marco Altini interview on HRV:

The four-part series by Marco on HRV, explaining what it is, how to measure it, and a lot of case studies:

Part 1: https://medium.com/@marco_alt/the-ultimate-guide-to-heart-rate-variability-hrv-part-1-70a0a392fff4

Part 2: https://medium.com/@marco_alt/the-ultimate-guide-to-heart-rate-variability-hrv-part-2-323a38213fbc

Part 3: https://medium.com/@marco_alt/the-ultimate-guide-to-heart-rate-variability-hrv-part-3-5fe902f3d2b3

Part 4: https://medium.com/@marco_alt/the-ultimate-guide-to-heart-rate-variability-hrv-part-4-909b52f71131

The website of HRV4Training: https://www.hrv4training.com/

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