Ep 83 - Ted Randler : An artist who paints

I had a great conversation with artist Ted Randler in Washington. Ted paints contemporary figurative scenes made from tiny abstract marks that live somewhere between mosaic and pixels. Ted came through art schools in the punk era of the early 80’s making big collages combining figurative painting with found objects. Then he veered into writing and illustration, which led to a highly successful publishing business. Ted returned to painting full time 3 years ago and recently opened his first first solo show in 30 years.
We talk about Game of Thrones, orchids, racquetball, and of course art, lots of art and painting . . . Here are the main points of what we talk about:
  • Growing up with technology,
  • Art show apprehensions,
  • Pet portraits,
  • Referencing classical paintings,
  • Art school,
  • Influential artists,
  • Pointillism,
  • Pixel influence,
  • Website coding influence,
  • Origins of...

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