Ep 85 - Tamara Muller : Looking below the surface

I had a great conversation with Tamara Muller in Holland. Tamara paints evocative paintings of childlike figures that are sort of realistic and sort of not, and they all have Tamara’s face. Her work is much sought after and she is collected internationally.

We talk about gardens, wigs, stickers, cycling and of course art, lots of art and painting . . .

Here are the main points of what we talk about:

  • Irish connections,
  • Influences,
  • Performance art,
  • The choice of painting,
  • Painting inspiration,
  • The Ideal model,
  • Cutting, pasting and gluing,
  • Graphic design training,
  • Artists for parents,
  • Childhood impressions,
  • Innocence and children,
  • Core of art making,
  • Calculation and intuition,
  • Interpretations and reviews,
  • Certainty,
  • Where the wild things are,
  • Painting style,
  • Underlying themes,
  • ...

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