Ep 79 - Alexandra Manukyan : Craft and Heart

I had a brilliant chat with Alexandra Manukyan in California. Originally from Armenia, Alexandra paints surreal figurative paintings that are technically brilliant, full of symbolism and depth. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions both in America and overseas, and her paintings are collected all around the world.

We talk about the Eurovision song contest, cargo pants, dancing, LA traffic, and of course art, lots of art and painting . . .

Here are the main points of what we talk about:

  • Recent shows,
  • Armenian roots,
  • Inspiring artists,
  • 1990 American art scene,
  • Working in the fashion industry,
  • Working in the entertainment industry,
  • Costume design,
  • Painting process,
  • Photo-shoots,
  • Composites,
  • Reference,
  • Colour studies,
  • Explaining the work,
  • Meditation,
  • Self discovery,
  • Dark art,
  • Teaching,
  • ...

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