Ganjifa – Gambling with the Gods

Many classic and well-known games originated in India, such as Chess, Ludo (fia med knuff) and Snakes & Ladders, and they spread all over the world. Playing card games, on the other hand, is another story...The guest in this episode is Jacob Schmidt-Madsen, Ph.D in Indology and game researcher, from the University of Copenhagen.T he moderator is Björn Lindgren, educator at the Museum of World Culture.

Ljudproducent: Niklas Sjösvärd. Producenter: Jenny Högström Berntson och Rebecka Bukovinszky.

Inside the Box produceras av Världskulturmuseet och Centrum för kritiska kulturarvsstudier (Göteborgs universitet) i samarbete med Folkuniversitetet.

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