Decolonizing museums

Can objects in museums be used to heal social relationships that have been broken? 


Museums are struggling with the fact that many of their objects were collected in the colonial period. Decolonization is often the label under which this reckoning is carried out. But what does decolonization mean in practice?


To discuss this, we have invited Raymond Peroti, a hip-hop artist and film maker. His multifaceted work challenges the mental boundaries between histories, identities and cultures of Sweden, the Caribbean, and the wider world. We also have with us today Nanette Snoep, an anthropologist, curator, and Director of Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne. She is a central player in reshaping the way we envision the future of museums. Today’s moderator is Michael Barrett, curator at the National Museums of World Culture.

In cooperation with Goethe-Institut Schweden and French Institute in Sweden,

supported by the Franco-German Cultural Fund.

Producent: Adam Norberg och Rebecka Bergström. Klipp: Petter Utbult


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