Catriona Innes talks cartoon crushes, dolphin vendettas, and PJ & Duncan

The incredibly talented and lovely author and journalist Catriona Innes joins the Hot Mess Clubhouse this week, for the final episode of the second series. Catriona talks to host, Lucy Vine about her magical and deeply emotional new novel, The Matchmaker. They chat about the rollercoaster publication process and how Catriona hid copies of her book for days before she could look at them. They also discuss her amazing dream job, as Features Director of Cosmopolitan magazine, as well as Catriona’s various undercover journalism missions. As if all that wasn’t exciting enough, Lucy and Catriona also cover terrible high-fives, her anti-dolphin agenda, and how much she lied in her own teen diary. 


Music by Harry Harris. Recorded at Hearst/Cosmopolitan offices and produced by Pineapple Audio Production.

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