Author special with Daisy Buchanan, Ayisha Malik and Rosie Walsh

Recorded at a special live event in front of an audience at Waterstones Gower Street, the latest Hot Mess Clubhouse welcomes three incredibly talented writers, Daisy Buchanan, Ayisha Malik and Rosie Walsh. The three authors talk to host Lucy Vine about their most recent books – The Sisterhood, This Green and Pleasant Land, and The Man Who Didn’t Call – opening up about never feeling like a proper writer, the fun of killing off characters and crying over reviews. But don’t worry, they also manage plenty of nonsense, discussing farts, the art of laughing at yourself and how rich you have to be to shop at Waitrose.


Music by Harry Harris. Recorded at Waterstones Gower Street and produced by Pineapple Audio Production.

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