Sophie Kinsella talks Christmas Shopaholic, Googling Yourself, and Book Proposals

No-one elicits a reaction like this week’s legendary guest, author Sophie Kinsella. The prolific and hilarious writer – best known for her Shopaholic series, starring Becky Bloomwood – joins host Lucy Vine at this week’s Hot Mess Clubhouse where they discuss Sophie’s new novel, Christmas Shopaholic. Recorded at a live event at the Romantic Novelist Association Winter Party, Sophie and Lucy talk in depth about returning to an old friend in Becky and how the Shopaholic books remain so relatable and popular even after 20 years. Sophie also opens up about Googling herself, controversially not having a favourite Jane Austen book, and what she’s like when she’s angry.


Music by Harry Harris. Recorded at Romantic Novelist Association Winter Party and produced by Pineapple Audio Production.

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