Episode 50: Annabel Lukins from Cloud 9 Adventures

In this episode, Dr. Leah and Taraleigh talk with Annabel Lukins from Cloud 9 Adventures about spirituality in daily life, sensuality in live music, and facing your fears. Annabel shares her current quest of finding a healthy balance of live music for optimal wellbeing, including letting go of FOMO and leaning into JOMO (the joy of missing out). For the "Daily Jam" Dr. Leah expands on why working with your thoughts to move through fear can be so powerful. Taraleigh breaks it down into easy manageable steps for the “Daily Jam.” 

Standing tall at a massive 5-feet, this little wonder's infectious enthusiasm charms artists and fans alike. Annabel has been with Cloud 9 Adventures, producers of international live music events, since 2003 and can be found welcoming guests during a toast on stage, dancing through the crowd, and flying like a hummingbird behind the scenes making things happen. When she’s not galivanting around the Caribbean on Jam Cruise, Panic en la Playa and other destination concert events or working at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, she’s trail running or hiking with her golden retriever, skiing at Mary Jane and Eldora trying to get her 10-year old daughter and husband (who snowboards, let’s not judge him) to keep up with her, or seeing as much live music as possible. Annabel makes the best of this short time on earth and is beyond grateful for such a beautiful life.

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