Episode 60: The Magic of Sobriety with Paige Clem from The Phellowship

In this episode, Dr. Leah and Taraleigh talk with songwriter and musician Paige Clem about her role in creating and establishing The Phellowship, a clean and sober community for Phish fans. Paige tells the magical story of how the Phellowship came to be, with the band onboard, and how they are operating now, over 25 years later. She describes one person’s clean and sober experience at shows and offers inspiration and hope for anyone needing or considering the road to recovery. Paige also lets us in on what she’s up to musically and how fans can catch her performing live. For the “Did you Know” Dr. Leah shares what loneliness has to do with addiction and how it relates to the Phellowship’s mission. Taraleigh gives fans ways to engage their own way through the “Daily Jam.” 

Paige’s passion for people, music and service has led her to hold a variety of roles in music including a 5-year stint as Marketing Director for High Sierra Music and volunteer positions with The Grammy Foundation/MusiCares. She has donated her time and talents to organizing and/or performing in multiple musical benefits and silent auctions to support the arts, artists, and art-supporters. She is most proud of the vital role she played in creating and establishing The Phellowship, a now 25-year-old organization with over 8000 members that provides a safe space for clean and sober live music lovers at concerts.


Paige Clem’s folk-soul-with-a-dash-of-sass sound draws on threads of blues and Americana with an honest and often clever accessibility. San Francisco-based, Paige performs her original material as a solo artist and in Paige & The Clementines—an Americana music project that gathers a rotating cast of A-list players with Paige's soulful songwriting prowess including James Nash (The Waybacks), Jordan Feinstein (Jordan and The Rituals), Joe Craven (Garcia/Grisman), Robin Sylvester (RatDog), Gabe Ford (Little Feat) and more. Her debut record, Firefly, was released in the acclaimed Grate Room at Terrapin Crossroads.

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