Episode 62: Your Full Dimensional Self with Elise McRoberts

In this episode, Dr. Leah and Taraleigh talk with cannabis industry powerhouse Elise McRoberts. Elise shares her love for live music and how she considers it her therapeutic release. She talks about how she started a career in the music industry to follow her passion of going to shows and festivals but pivoted to become a leader in the cannabis industry, where she found more supportive community and creative ways to grow her expertise and gifts. Elise shares the reality of the cannabis industry today and how she has grown her own brand, the Hashinista, to create an innovative, sustainable, and equitable space for all. In the “Did you Know” Dr. Leah shares the ways live music can become addictive. Taraleigh supports listeners in not falling into the dip and addictiveness of live music by intentionally bringing in the live music vibe to your every day life in the “Daily Jam.” 

Elise McRoberts a cannabis industry powerhouse who's been working with leading companies and judging cannabis around the world the past decade. The founder of Hashinista- a strategy firm, event production company and lifestyle brand- Elise was formerly the CMO for Doc Green's - an award winning California brand; and since 2013 Elise has worked with cannabis companies as an integral leader shaping strategy from retail to manufacturing and events. Elise produced her 1st large scale concept - The NorCal CannaCuisine Gala in 2017 to critical acclaim and has continued to produce ground breaking, unique curated events combining cannabis with food, music, art, fashion, psychedelics, fundraising, performance and more. Today her mission remains to destigmatize and free the plant; to participate in the preservation of high quality cannabis + original cannabisculture while creating a more innovative, sustainable and equitable space for

all. @thehashinista@elisemcroberts www.elisemcroberts.com | www.hashinista.com

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