Episode 59: 2022 in Review with Dr. Leah Taylor and Taraleigh Weathers

In this special episode, join Dr. Leah and Taraleigh as they chat about this year’s guests, themes, and favorite moments. Whether you have listened to all the episodes in 2022, need to catch up on a few, or are new to the podcast, you’ll find gems to listen back to in this one!

Dr. Leah Taylor is a High Priestess Healer and Integrative Mental Health Specialist who combines ancient healing techniques with cutting-edge science to help you let go of stress, overwhelm, and struggle to open up to and embody your highest and brightest self. She has a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine and a Master’s in Somatic Psychology and is passionate about researching, speaking about, and teaching live music and movement as medicine. She is the founder and creator of Embodied Groove, an interactive movement experience designed to enhance the benefits of live music and raise the vibe at every show. Find out more about Dr. Leah Taylor and Embodied Groove at drleahtaylor.com.


Taraleigh Weathers is the leader of intimate live music retreats and online business and accountability coaching programs. She helps people pursue their big dreams whether it’s helping them be their own bosses, write that book, run that marathon, start that band etc. She is also the author of the book How to Rock Your Life. Find out more about Taraleigh at rockinglife.com.

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