Designing the Customer Experience

Paul Adams is a multi-modal creator specialising in theatre production and business development. He is a true renaissance man, and believes in surprising the customer with value.

EPISODE NOTES: This is the sixth episode of season 2 of Fictional Reality. This season I will be interviewing experience designers, puzzle developers, and escape room enthusiasts to find out how they design experiences.

This week I chat with Paul Adams from Small Crown Productions, a local Brisbane based theatre producer and creator. Paul has extensive experience not only in theatre, live action role play, re-enactment performances, and film but also in managing and growing business.

He is on a mission to apply the skills that have made him a successful manager, organiser and leader and apply them to a creative business model. We have a lengthy discussion about the experience design of the customer journey. Paul believes that the customer should become a part of the company, especially within the children's theatre industry. So Paul has created a series of models, funnels, and frameworks aimed at expanding the customer experience to create loyalty, and value across years, generations, and productions.

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