The Wild Optimists - New Ways To Play

The Wild Optimists are the creative duo behind the first mass markte escape room in a box game and work as puzzle designers whose goal is to discover new ways to play.

This week I chat with two very clever, generous, and creative puzzle designers Ariel and Juliana. Together the are The Wild Optimists, two women who are constantly pushing themselves to discover new ways to play. They have created in home experiences, online puzzle quests, are the minds behind Vampire Pizza (a quarantine solution), and have also launched a puzzle workshop among many many other projects. Their laundry list is as long as their testimonials page and they were very generous in giving me an evening of their time.

We discuss how they came to be, their passion for creating new experiences, their process, what they have been doing during quarantine, and how others can create their own puzzle narrative experiences.

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