Meaningful Experience Design

LA based experience designer Tommy Honton joins me as we discuss his journey from a film and tv writer in the wild and wacky world of experience design.

This is the 10 episode of season 2 of Fictional Reality. In this season I talk to experience designers from around the world about how they design puzzle experiences, mysteries, immersive theatre, and escape rooms. 

Today I chat with Tommy Honton an award winning experience designer with a passion for the fundamental experience of the player. He has designed and created experiences such as the Museum of Selfies, Stash House, Arcana, All of Them Witches, and the Mortality Machine (to name a few).

He is a pleasure to talk to and learn from and was very encouraging in being forthcoming about how he entered the field and continues to design experiences. He has a playful heart and a eye for detail. His focus on accessability makes him a careful considerate creator who's goal is to provide an exciting, meaningful experience for the player.

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