Financial Ruin - Otegha Uwagba

About The Episode

Today’s guest on Fear Itself is the brilliant Otegha Uwagba, bestselling author, speaker, consultant and podcaster. In this episode Otegha explains why one of her biggest fears is running out of money, Cressida quizzes Otegha on the issue of the so-called 'beauty tax', and we learn about the battles Otegha had to fight against misogyny in the workplace.

About The Guest

Otegha Uwagba is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling career guide Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women (2017), and the acclaimed short essay Whites: On Race and Other Falsehoods (2020). In 2018, Otegha was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Media & Marketing. From 2016 - 2020 she ran Women Who, a London-based platform she set up with the aim of helping women think, work, and live better. You can listen to her podcast In Good Company here. Otegha’s upcoming memoir We Need To Talk About Money will be published in July 2021.

About The Host

Cressida Bonas is an actress, podcaster and writer. Cressida has had leading acting roles in a number of well known television and film productions - such as her role as Sheila Bamber in the critically acclaimed Netflix series White House Farm. Some of Cressida's other work include roles in the ITV series Dr Thorne, the film The Bye Bye Man, and in theatre productions Mrs Orwell and An Evening with Lucien Freud. Cressida writes a monthly column for the arts and culture section in The Spectator and her written work has been featured in The Telegraph, and The Mail on Sunday

Top Quotes

"Women choosing to do beauty work isn't just merely born of vanity, it's also born of the way society treats us if we chose not to do that." - Otegha Owagba

"In toxic workplaces, I did find myself adjusting my behaviour so as to protect the male ego - to seem soft, feminine, compliant, docile. Words that people who know me would never use to describe me." - Otegha Owagba


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Be sure to look out for Otegha’s upcoming memoir We Need To Talk About Money.

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