To Not Matter - Brita Fernandez Schmidt

About The Episode

In this episode Brita tells us about her new book Fears to Fierce, Brita pinpoints why we need to lean into our fears, and highlights why we need to pay attention to little things - like goosebumps!

About The Guest

Brita Fernandez Schmidt is an advocate and promoter of women’s empowerment, women’s rights and equality. She serves as the Executive Director of Women for Women International – UK and is the Senior Vice President for Global Partnerships. She frequently writes about the challenges women face all over the world in the context of poverty and conflict. She has lived and/or worked in over 16 countries spanning three continents and released her book, Fears to Fierce: A Woman's Guide to Owning Her Power, in January 2021. The book is a rallying call that will inspire readers to realise your purpose and potential and ignite their fierce.

About The Host

Cressida Bonas is an actress, podcaster and writer. Cressida has had leading acting roles in a number of well known television and film productions - such as her role as Sheila Bamber in the critically acclaimed Netflix series White House Farm. Some of Cressida's other work include roles in the ITV series Dr Thorne, the film The Bye Bye Man, and in theatre productions Mrs Orwell and An Evening with Lucien Freud. Cressida writes a monthly column for the arts and culture section in The Spectator and her written work has been featured in The Telegraph, and The Mail on Sunday

Top Quotes

"I had this fire in me and I realised this fire was not acceptable. And this is where, particularly for young women and girls, you wake up and you realise you're not meant to be powerful and I'm not talking about power over others but the power within you." - Brita Fernandez-Schmidt

"The measure by which you face your fear, is the measure by which you allow your power to shine." - Brita Fernandez-Schmidt


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