Not Fulfilling Your Potential - Josh Llewellyn-Jones

About The Episode

Our exciting guest for this week’s episode of Fear Itself is extreme athlete and world record holder Josh Llewellyn-Jones. Born with cystic fibrosis, Josh has gotten used to being told what he's not capable of - what he can't do - and so he's dedicated his life to proving people wrong. In this episode, Josh reveals to Cressida the incredible story of how he earned the nickname 'Million Kilo Man', Josh explains what it means to 'defy the odds daily', and we hear some inspirational advice for parents of children with cyststic fibrosis.

About The Guest 

Born with cystic fibrosis, Josh was given a 10% chance of surviving his first night. Growing up, he was told he wouldn’t make 30 but, at 32, he was a World Record Holder, Ultra Athlete and International Motivational Speaker. At 29, Josh completed the ‘Worlds Fittest Man Challenge’ - one of only 5 in the world to do so. The following year in 2018, he became the first and only man to lift 1,000,000kg’s in under 24 hours to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis, beating the old record by over 500,000kg’s. 

About The Host 

Cressida Bonas is an actress, podcaster and writer. Cressida has had leading acting roles in a number of well known television and film productions - such as her role as Sheila Bamber in the critically acclaimed Netflix series White House Farm. Some of Cressida's other work include roles in the ITV series Dr Thorne, the film The Bye Bye Man, and in theatre productions Mrs Orwell and An Evening with Lucien Freud. Cressida writes a monthly column for the arts and culture section in The Spectator and her written work has been featured in The Telegraph, and The Mail on Sunday

Top Quotes

"That experience, of nearly dying, was a pivot in my life. A real eye opener. It made me realise life is precious." - Josh Llewellyn Jones

"If you can survive something you have an extreme fear of you can become mentally invisible to it." - Josh Llewellyn Jones


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