Series 7, Episode 11 (Rufus Hound & Tawny Newsome)

Rufus Hound and Tawny Newsome guest at the London Podcast Festival in a show that considers calming down angry people, surviving a freefall without a parachute, how to cope with a dog who wants to join in when you're having sex, the whys and wherefores of getting a second date (featuring possibly the worst advice ever given in the course of an Agony round courtesy of Danielle) and a very fun Ask The Expert round with expert guest bass player Mat Osman from Suede!

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Special Thanks this episode to... Gemma Higgins for transcription, Gwyn Rhys Davies for helping out on the night and the London Podcast Festival and Kings Place for having us. VAST THANK YOUS to all the people who are already supporting us via PayPal and Patreon.

Additional credits: Music by Martin White, additional material by David Reed, illustration by Sally Grosart, produced by Ben Walker

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