2019 Christmas Special (Chris Addison & Anna Mann)

Chris Addison and Anna Mann are the gifts that keep on giving in the 2019 Christmas Special! It is a very traditional affair, with all the usual festive ingredients you'd expect, including squirrels, gimp masks, sword fighting, an abbatoir and Danke Jonathan. Expertise is provided by the overwhelmingly brilliant, lovely and Panto-tastic Joe Tracini.

We hope you've enjoyed the new episodes this year and that this Christmas Special gives you a warm glow in all the right places. As ever, we are super-grateful for any support you can give us, whether that is in the form of leaving a review, telling your friends about the show or giving us cold, hard cyber-cash in the form of a one-off donation or signing up to our Patreon - both of which you can do at dothemoneything.com

Special Thanks this episode to... Gemma Higgins for transcription, Josh Grant for helping out on the night and the Pleasance Theatre for having us. Thank you thank you thank you to all the people who are already supporting us via PayPal and Patreon.

Additional credits: Music by Martin White, additional material by David Reed, illustration by Sally Grosart, produced by Ben Walker

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