Series 7, Episode 10 (Bethany Black & David Reed)

Bethany Black and David Reed join the gang in glorious York for the first ever recording outside London or Edinburgh (yes, we know you've already heard the Birmingham recording, but that was recorded three days after this one). Anyway, the subjects covered include jellyfish stings, interrogation techniques, whether honesty is the best policy when it comes to unexpected windfalls, two cracking audience Agony problems (how to own up to your wife that you're living a brilliant lie & how to upgrade the elderly volunteers in a charity shop) and then a fascinating hike through vikings with expert guest Chris Tuckley (on loan from the Jorvik Centre).

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Special Thanks this episode to... William Wright for transcription, Burning Duck Comedy for their help setting up the gig and the wonderful Crescent Community Venue in York for having us.

VAST THANK YOUS to all the people who are already supporting us via PayPal and Patreon. This episode we want to pick out even more of the people who've chosen to sign up to the 'Do The Written Thanks Thing' tier: They are... Christine Turner (remarkable), Christopher Leonard (incredible), Derren Harvey (magnificent), Gari McColl (awol), Jon FitzGerald (groovy), Nicholas Alderson (stupendous), Nick Rozanski (wondrous) and Rachel Robertson (staggering).

Additional credits: Music by Martin White, illustration by Sally Grosart, produced by Ben Walker

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