0213 - Phenomenology & Technology Part 2 - Lucas Introna

The following episode is a bonus cross-pod publication (pollination?) between “Design Talk” and “CITO Conversations” a research community pod hosted by University College Dublin’s Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation.

This ‘from the archives’ recording is the second part of the keynote from “ Triangular Conference 2008” in which Dermot Moran and Lucas Introna talk about the value of conducting research in the phenomenological tradition and considerations when carrying out research into organisations, information systems and modern technology.

Part 2

In part two Lucas argues that Phenomenology offers deep insights into fundamental aspects of the human experience of technology and information systems, with implications for the sociology of Management and Organisation.


The talk was recorded in-person with a live audience on Thursday June the 5th 2008 in the UCD Lochlann Quinn Undergraduate School of Business, Belfield, Dublin, Ireland.




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