0214 - BAEF Future of Work Panel

This BAEF Future of Work Panel titled "Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution" took place on December 14, 2023. Our panelists were:

* Luke Vilain, Data Ethics and AI Risk Specialist, working in financial services.

* Balagopal (Bala) Madhusoodhanan, a intelligent automation architect working on Low Code / No Code platforms and AI risk classification.

* James Winters, an AI consultant who develops strategies and governance solutions to help solve business problems.

* Marilena Karanika, Data Scientist, working in financial services modelling and analytics

Further reading and interesting takeaways...

* Discovering ethical challenges and future conundrums? Play the moral machines game --- www.moralmachine.net

* Recommendations for ‘must watch’ long form media? Watch The Social Dilemma (2020) -- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11464826

* “Generative artificial intelligence (AI) in education” policy paper - GOV.UK (2023) -- https://bit.ly/3RXgCbK

* AI for Humanity -- https://mila.quebec/en/ai-for-humanity/

* Consequence Scanning, an agile toolkit -- from https://doteveryone.org.uk see https://bit.ly/3Hwv8SN

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