0067 - Delivering from a Distance with Ajaya Singh

Interview with Ajaya Singh, True North AR India Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon.

Podcast team: Jack Daly, Shachi Parmar, Jennifer Kevany, and Ronan Brennan

[Jack] (Intro) Good morning and welcome to the Design Talk podcast.

So, today we are talking with Ajaya Singh, from True North AR, a Medical Process Outsourcing (MPO) services provider. To date in our podcasts we have gained some fantastic insight into the opportunities and challenges in outsourcing/Offshoring  from the client perspective , this morning we have a great opportunity to understand this process  from the service provider's perspective.

( Sales) The challenges of getting new contracts, new client development, building a sales pipeline, from a distance?

( MPO vs BPO) How is MPO different from ITO or general BPO?

( Advantages/challenges) What are the advantages of operating from Gurgaon/India? Challenges?

( Recruitment process) How do you bring new hires on board? 

( Client Trust) Building trust is a substantial part of an effective relationship for a client's perspective, how would you look to build such trust and how do you maintain it? ( reducing anxiety)

(Cultural differences and provider trust)We spoke about the cultural differences between India and the US discussing the societal view on bankruptcy, how do you overcome issues like this and how do you trust clients?

-        how do you overcome cultural differences and bias?

( Disagreements)Like all business , leaders and owners can be passionate but perhaps at time misinformed, now do you manage power dynamics and disagreements without being cold i.e “ out of scope”

( Recent LifeCyle) Can you tell us about the life cycle of a recent project 

-        what are the most important factors for  a successful project?

( Cost efficiencies ) We spoke about cost and ensuring cost efficiencies , using lesser skilled labour when possible, can you talk a bit more on this

( Societal impact) A substantial part of this course is reviewing the impact to society of a FDI investment,. how important is this, and how much responsibility do the local regions take to attract such investment.. eg dublin chamber and “ why dublin campaign”

( Risks and competition)What are the current risks to your business and industry

eg we hear alot about emerging nations competing for investment and contract, also the rise of machine learning and AI, how do you manage competition


So, on that note…

( thank guest, thank audience) We would like to thank you for making time in your busy schedule to talk to us today, from the other side of the planet.

And for sharing your knowledge and insights into delivering services from a distance.



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